How a simple life begins....

Talking about simplicity

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I grew up in an upper middle class suburban home with all

the material trappings of the 1950's postwar era.

In 1974, I left home and moved to Colorado.

After living off the land for six months, I returned having experienced polar opposite lifestyles.

This inspired me to explore the balance between having

too much and too little.  I began to clean up my diet,

purge internal clutter and live with less stuff.  

I recounted this journey in my first book,

The Liberated Baby Boomer.

My passion for simplicity has turned into a career as an organizing specialist, real estate stager, yoga teacher,

and the author of four books:

The Liberated Baby Boomer

Making Peace with Your Stuff

The Paper Diet

Messages for Mindful Living

I believe the one thing that keeps us from letting go of stuff we don’t want, need or use is our limiting beliefs.  

Flush them out and you are on your way to a

more easeful, less encumbered life!

All of my work is based on inspiring others to

live simply.