Awareness is the gateway to change!


1.  What makes us keep stuff that

we don't want need or use?

It's hard to move forward if we don't know

what's holding us back.  Discover what keeps you

from letting of of stuff that you don't want, need or use.  

Leave with insights that will generate lasting results!

     2.  The Paper Diet

Are you drowning in paper?  Feeling overwhelmed?  

Don’t know what to keep and what to toss?  

Get ideas on how to tackle paper, get organized and bring those pesky paper piles under control once and for all!

3.  Rightsizing Your Life

Rightsizing is a choice that promotes well being as we age. 

In this one hour interactive workshop, we'll address life transitions, signs and symptoms of being stuck and learning how to shift with the tides of change.

4. Managing Everyday Stress  

Learn various tips to reduce, prevent

and cope with everyday stress.

5.  Downsizing to Streamline Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed by life?  Tired of putting up with your stuff?  In need of a boost?  We’ll look at what gets in the way of you enjoying a more easeful, less encumbered life.